Monday, August 18, 2008

Visualize & Manifest the Best Year Ever!

Good Morning,

I wasn't going to share it with everyone, because it IS so personal to me, but a few people on the list who saw the teaser have responded so strongly that somehow I felt a duty to share it with you too.

Here's what happened.

I made a couple of "vision boards" for me and my children. We always do this at this time of year to focus on what we seek from the "school year" in our homeschooling. My kids love doing this... we draw, color, cut magazines and paint our own colorful views of what we want to achive, and gain personally. Then we add text and put it all together.

I have wanted very much to get the Waldorf Homeschoolers website back, in a way that would
serve all, so I used this same technique to advertise the site... Many people have written that they loved it and asked how I did it. For some, I was told, it acts as a daily meditation to center themselves into the mindset for their days.

This is a great compliment and I thank you!

The Waldorf Homeschoolers Teaser One is a 4 minute video (+/-) that I created and I've
been watching every day, several times a day, to help me stay focused on getting the site back.

Hosting issues and recovering files from a server which cancelled its business has been difficult and
has slowed down my proposed launch date. But just to update - I now have all files and am putting them into the new site.

Essentially, the teaser is my personal vision board on video with music and it stirs my feelings and
faith in what's possible for the comeback of the site each time I watch it. In fact, I cry just about every time I watch it because Waldorf Homeschoolers is and has been such a large part of my life for so long and the supportive letters I have received over the years have kept me connected to the soul of it.

People have written in to say how inspiring and motivating it is and how excited they are the site
will soon be back.

If you have not yet seen it, you can view it here (I hope you like it)

The same people who use this as their daily meditation and preparation for their homeschooling are now asking me how they could create THEIR OWN movie version of their vision board...

So I thought I'd send you the resource I used, because it was so easy, so step-by-step and turned out SO well.

The creator figured out this powerful way to tap into the Law of Attraction that takes visualization to a whole different level. And the surprising thing about it it is, it's really easy to do; you can start doing it right away like I did, and the cool part is...

He's GIVING it away, for FREE!!!!

He obviously understands abundance, because he's practicing it in a very big way here:

It's about going beyond the vision board you heard about in The Secret. He's added another dimension to the Law of Attraction that ramps up how fast you can manifest anything you want into your life.

You'll hear his personal experience with this when you watch the video - and I promise that the couple minutes you watch this - if you choose to do this, it WILL make a huge difference in what you bring into your life.
If you're inspired to create a movie for yourself to increase your ability to manifest what you want into your life, I recommend you check this out right now, especially since I'm not sure how
long this will be available at no cost.

I've been using it with incredible results....

Please take the time to watch his intro - turn it into a project (especially fun for teenagers!) and
make your vision dream planner ... you'll have fun and you'll love it!
To your continued growth and journey,

Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Waldorf Homeschoolers

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