Friday, November 14, 2008

Wake Up Your Brain - Feel Alert, Focused & Ready To Go!

Many energy drinks are designed with lots of caffeine and sugar. You'll feel energy, but you can also feel nervous and tense, with an inevitable sugar crash that will leave you more tired than before. Chi3 Energy is different. Its natural ingredients give you smooth, healthy energy that lasts for hours. And Chi3 Energy is the only energy drink powered by GoChi®, the incredible goji berry super juice that's been clinically shown to increase energy, fight fatigue, and improve mental function and athletic performance. When you're feeling run down and exhausted, Chi3 Energy will wake you up and get you feeling alert, focused, and ready to go. You won't feel the crash later that you feel with other energy drinks since Chi3 Energy isn't packed full of excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, and herbal stimulants. In their place are healthy B-vitamins, amino acids, and the super potent GoChi®. Chi3 Energy is so much more portable than canned energy drinks. Since it's only 2 ounces and doesn't require refrigeration, you can take Chi3 Energy anywhere. Carry it with you in your purse, backpack, or pocket or keep some on hand in your desk, locker, or carry-on bag. Take Chi3 Energy with you everywhere so you're always ready to go.

When to Drink Chi3 Energy?

  • To jump-start a sluggish morning

  • To supercharge your workout

  • To regain energy, focus, and concentration anytime you need it

  • To banish the midday slumps

  • To help you play at your peak so you'll always be in the game

  • To help you find that second wind anytime

  • To energize you whenever you need to get up and get going.

What to expect from Chi3 Energy...

Chi3 Energy takes an entirely different approach to fast-acting energy. It works by waking up your brain — not wiring up your body. It will increase your energy, improve your focus, and boost athletic performance.

Is Chi3 Energy suitable for vegetarians?

Chi3 Energy does not contain any animal products or substances derived from animals, so it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

What are the benefits of drinking Chi3 Energy?

Chi3 Energy is scientifically formulated to deliver smooth, long-lasting energy. Metabolism-enhancing B-vitamins and mind-nourishing amino acids are skillfully combined with a healthy splash of green tea and a full ounce (30 ml) of our proprietary GoChi to give you just the right lift.

Will Chi3 cause me to "crash" like other energy drinks?

No. You'll feel alert, focused, and ready to go without the jitters or the sugar crash that can come from drinking those high-calorie, hyper-caffeinated canned energy drinks.

Still unsure?

Maybe you've read some negative press about other energy drinks as many contain large amounts of sugar, caffeine, and herbal stimulants such as guarana and ginseng. Chi3 Energy is powered by GoChi and contains only as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Drink It In Seconds....

When you need an energy boost, you don't want to wait. But with canned energy drinks, you'd better prepare yourself to gulp down up to 24 ounces of sugary liquid just to feel any effect. Chi3 Energy packs a lot of power into a little 2-ounce bottle, so it goes to work for you fast. Now you don't have to fill your stomach to be full of energy!

Feel It In Minutes...

With Chi3 Energy, you'll begin to feel more alert, focused and refreshed within minutes. And unlike those sugary, hyper-caffeinated canned drinks, Chi3 Energy won't make you nervous or jittery. Its special blend of energizing, mind-nourishing, and mood-enhancing nutrients will give you just the right lift and improve your performance.

Lasts For Hours...

Other energy drinks use harsh stimulants and a high sugar content to give you a temporary boost, but that's followed by an energy letdown, or 'crash,' that can make you feel even more tired than before. Chi3 Energy delivers smooth, healthy, long-lasting energy without the crash or the unwanted calories that can come from drinking those high-calorie, canned drinks.

Where can I buy Chi3 Energy?

My shameless plug.... You can purchase Chi3 Energy through Kytka - your FreeLife Marketing Executive. This product is currently only available in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Additionally, I have had a great time marketing this amazing product. If you are interested in an incredible business opportunity to share healthy lifestyle products with your co-workers, clients or friends... check out the information and come on board!

I've discovered my own energy levels going through the roof, Zachary has transitioned most off his skater friends off the nasty "Red Bull" and onto the much healthier Chi3 Energy, and really - it has just been selling itself! I look forward to hearing from you! And please, if you've read this far, please watch the video - it's pretty cool with their energy drink Elvis! :-)

To watch a short video about
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To your continued growth and success!

Kytka "Kit" Hilmar-Jezek

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