Wednesday, February 4, 2009

13 Year Old To Be Self Made Millionaire?

My 12-Year Old Son...Is Making An Average Of $240 a Month Per Site With Adsense and Roughly $35 a Month Per Site In Affiliate Commissions."

"Hi Matt, The reason I bought HyperVRE was so that my 12 year old son could make some extra money for a School Band trip to New York City next spring. I've read all over the net about making money with Adsense and even bought a few other "packages" only to be disappointed.

After about a week of coaching, my son really grasped the concept and went nuts! Now he builds one site per day. We found some good keywords, signed up to about 30 affiliate programs and bought some PLR content (very cheap). He USED to spend 2 hours a day after school playing video games, but now he uses that time to build HyperVRE sites. After 3 months of seeing the money being deposited into his "Trip Account", it's motivating him even more! Heh, He even asked me " this legal?". By next month his trip will be paid for and he doesn't go till March 2007!

He's making an average of $240/month per site with Adsense and roughly $35/month per site in affiliate commissions. But, we just found out that with a little tweaking, he can easily double it. I figure at the rate he's going, he'll be making $100,000 per year in another 18 months...and he'll only be 13 years old! Am I happy with this? Words cannot describe! If I had an opportunity like this when I was my son's age, I'd be a millionaire many times over today! Thanks Matt!" ~ Mark Nowell


I am getting the girls started ASAP.

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