Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Moms working at home - this is a MUST for you!

Fact: In 2007 Vince Tan came out of nowhere and made $69,000 in 7 days with his Biggest Firesale. And while his incredible feat inspired many a marketer, guru and non guru alike, this year Vince is doing something that will make that Firesale look like child's play.

You see, Vince has gathered up 100 of the top marketers online and convinced them to put their ORIGINAL PAID products -- products which they are still selling -- into this enormous and valuable firesale package! You will not see this kind of collaboration anywhere else and it equates to amazing opportunity for YOU.

Vince's firesale will go live on 18th November, BUT for now, you stand a chance to win the complete firesale package plus some other extra stuff worth $1,500 (or more!) by going to the site below and guessing the total value of the firesale package!

Remember, that's 100+ top IM products that are currently selling in the market Today!

To your continued growth and journey!

Kytka "Kit" Hilmar-Jezek

PS - Vince's Biggest Firesale contains products you'll not find anywhere else.

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