Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why I Got On Board and Why You Should Too

If you want better results in anything, you have to take action.

So get this...

Imagine you have $200 you want to spend…

STE = Points which translate to CASH.

You go through
the site and buy a gift card for $200 - on which you earn 3% cash back and points.

You bought the gift card with your American Express - on which you make 3% and rewards points.

You use the gift card to buy at - example - golf clubs dot com where they have a 15% cash back payout. You get the 15% cash back and you make more points.

$200 minus 6.00 American Express, minus 6.00 Gift Card, minus 30.00 golf clubs dot com cash back.

Now - because you are a regular online shopper - you also remember that golf clubs dot com sent you a "this weekend only take an additional 10% off" coupon.

We are at $158 minus another 10% off the $200 purchase = $138.00

SO - you made a $200 purchase for $138.00, PLUS you saved time and gas, PLUS you earned the STE points on a couple transactions even though you only made one purchase. YES, you had to re-wire your brain to work in a new way... to play with it a bit, BUT YOU SAVED almost $62 plus the time and gas AND your points add up to cash, PLUS when you hit certain points numbers, you get additional SCORE bonuses.

Can you see what fun you can have with this?

Imagine ONE PURCHASE - like your new apple computer.

I suggest you buy it the way I described above.

1. Use a card that gives cash back or rewards
2. Use it to buy a gift card (so you earn cash back percentages AND make points on that purchase)
3. Use that gift card through your site to buy the item. Get more % off and more points

My friend bought her daughter an apple latest whatever it is called that sells for $2600 on sale, doing this above trick - she paid $1200!!!!! On ONE BUY, plus she is making and earning from the points at her site.

THIS IS A NO BRAINER especially when
malls will be closing and if you learn to play with it and tweak it to your benefit.... Now remember - with retailers closing their outlets, the ONLY PLACE TO SHOP will be online. Imagine getting in NOW when it is still pretty much at the ground floor level.

If you have time and get in the habit of shopping with your favorite vendors, you pre-register an account at the vendor and they usually send you a "welcome aboard" coupon. Additional savings... not to mention that they are always emailing more coupons, incentives, etc.

I just did the 3 step walk through as above and I paid $2.99 for $40 worth of organic granola bars for the children!

1. Go to my site at http://shoptoearn.net/kytka

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on MY HAPPY SMILING PICTURE. ;-)

3. At the top of that next page, the top right to be exact, click on OVERVIEWS.

4. Click to watch the short video that explains how this works and how wonderful a concept it is.

After the video, consider that Bill Clinton called MLM and Direct Sales the "American Dream" and sang praises to the industry which is growing. Read through the stats below and realize that this company is NOT SELLING ONE SPECIFIC PRODUCT that you have to train your clients to buy - this concept opens the doors to HUNDREDS OF RETAILERS WHERE YOU ALREADY SHOP.

Good for saving, good for earning, good for the time we are in, good for the environment, GOOD TIME TO SIGN UP!

Make it a great day and remember that I am here to assist you should you sign on…

Kytka „Kit” Hilmar-Jezek



USA: 727.277.3531

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